Jan 7, 2009

Dock 5 Band Jam

I took my video camera along when we had the Dock 5 Band Jam last week (what a surprise, eh?) (Sorry. I can't help myself when it comes to carrying cameras around. They're attached to me like appendages).

Anyway, since I just happened to videotape the band I thought you might like to see what it looks like when a bunch of middle age people get together and make some groovy music. Check this out:

The band sounded awesome, especially considering they had never played together before. And they sounded that great all night. I think they need to give up their day jobs and go on tour. Maybe. Or not.

Anyway, it was so much fun and the music was so great that it was totally worth it to be exhausted and sore over every inch of my body the next day.

PS The little rap at the beginning of the song refers to the Atlanta Falcons being in the playoffs.

PPS They lost.

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  1. Great video! And thanks so much for the very nice comment on my blog. Glad to have found you!
    Wendi Aarons