Jan 11, 2009

Done Deal

Saturday morning bright and early we trekked 45 minutes across town to pick up my bargain UK phone booth purchased off craigslist. It fit--with half a centimeter to spare--in my SUV and caused only minor physical injuries when we lugged it into the house.

In fact, I've almost already regained full feeling in my legs.

Here you see Muffin stretched out in front of my new phonebooth, obviously admiring how the rich splash of red adds just the right note of whimsy to the room and marveling at how cleverly it displays the priceless object d' art such as my Precious Moments collection.

Just kidding on the Precious Moments collection. I just put the junk in there that used to sit on the table that occupied that spot. Note to self: acquire some priceless object d'art to display in big red phonebooth.

And here you see Shelby and Morley engaged in a conversation about the newly installed big red phonebooth:

Shelby: Uh, dad, the hell? Whattsup with a phonebooth in the house?

Morley: Ask your mum. Now go fetch me another Excedrin and an ice pack.

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