Jan 6, 2009

Carpet Projection

I was playing around with some interior photos of the Butt Ugly Boat yesterday, and while this isn't the finest work I've ever done in manipulating a photo, I took a quick swipe at it just to get an idea of how the new carpet is going to look.

Here's what the salon looks like now:

Behold the carpet resplendent in all its ugly glory: stains galore, discoloration, fading, and worst of all, dreary blue. Or maybe the stains are the worst of all since we don't know exactly what caused them. Either way, yechhhh! And gross!

And here's what the salon will look like after the awful blue carpet is gone:

Two words: mo bettah. Except....YIKES!!! Look at that creepy sofa! It's horrible!

That sofa is ridiculously butt ugly but it didn't bug me this much when the awful carpet was still there. Now it sticks out like a sore thumb. And those blue chairs? They look like office furniture from the 1980's and they are really blue--not quite as dreary blue as the carpet, but still. They gotta go. Apparently the BUB is like a big onion of ugly--when you peel away one layer, there are more layers of butt ugly underneath.

Speaking of layers of ugly, here's a photo Morley took when we were at the fuel dock this weekend:

There's blue--and we're talking bright! blue!--all over the outside and it bugs the bejeebers out of him. He already has a bead on replacing the blue canvas and blue bumpers with a more modern black, and when we have the boat pulled this winter to take care of some maintenance issues, he's having the bottom painted black while he's at it.

Slowly but surely we're peeling away the layers of our ugly onion.

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