Jan 4, 2009

Band Jam

Our dock neighbors Dennis and Max live just a couple of minutes away from the marina. Not only does their house have a spectacular view of the lake, it also has a separate building that's a big garage on the first floor and what will someday be a music room/guest house on the second floor.

But on Friday night, the guest house was the scene of a music jam as we pulled together all our musically inclined friends for the ultimate garage band--a "middle aged rave" as I called it.

Here's Ron: in real life he's a hot shot electrician in Colorado but we know him as a seriously talented bass player. Geez, was he good.

And this is his brother Rick. These days he owns his own home renovation company but back in his younger days he was one of the drummers for Earth Wind and Fire.

Here's Dennis on the drums. He's a responsible kind of guy who owns a window company but in another era he was the drummer for a band that was pretty hot stuff down here in the South. Dennis is a killer drummer. Killer.

Here's Ron and Chat playing a hot riff. Chat is still a professional musician, by the way.

And here's our friend Steve. In real life he and his wife own a company that puts on races for historic race cars, but Friday night he was hitting some hot licks on the bass.

Here's Chat doing some vocals. His wife Peggy (behind him taking a photo of me taking a photo of her) plays the flute professionally. Who knew a flute could sound so good with rock music?

And here's my husband. In real life he's a responsible mechanical engineer, but on Friday night he was...ummm, a responsible mechanical engineer.

Actually, he wasn't too shabby if I say so myself.

But once the band's break was over they made him go back to his seat so they could get down to making serious music.

PS. We're such rock stars that virtually everyone in these photos--including yours truly--barely got off the sofa the following day. We were napping like Seniors in an old folks home after staying up past our bedtimes the night before. We are a pathetic bunch of old fogies, aren't we?

PSS Unlike some people, I did not wear my pajamas all day.

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