Sep 17, 2008

Which candidate is for you?

Take this "Match-0-Matic" quiz at ABC News' website (pretty quick to do--takes maybe five minutes or so) and see which candidates' position matches up to your political positions on various issues.

Here are my results:

As it happens, I agree with McCain pretty much across the board--who wouldda thunk it?

Actually almost everybody who knows me wouldda. I've always been a political Conservative, starting in junior high school when I worked in the Nixon campaign* as a "Nixon-ette" (I am not making this up). This was an important political position which involved me wearing the official Nixon-ette outfit--spiffy blue pleated skirt, white blouse, red kerchief tied around my neck--and standing on the stage with other Nixon-ettes and clapping at appropriate times during political speeches, then passing out election flyers afterwards. Since Maryville was a hotbed of national political activity wasn't exactly a political hot spot in the '68 election I got quite a bit of national TV exposure out of school early a couple of times. Good times.

Anyway, take the Match-O-Matic quiz and tell me who your candidate match is.

*By the way, I was also a "Baker Belle" in Howard Baker's re-election campaign. My duties were the same but the outfit was different--blue skirt, white blouse and a green kerchief. (For you kids under age 50, Howard Baker was a Republican who held the senate seat later occupied by Al Gore.)