Sep 18, 2008

All About Carol

Everybody needs a friend like Carol. She's one of those dependable, sensible, organized, kind and caring people who always come thru in a pinch. She's right there in good times and bad and she instinctively knows when she needs to kick it up a notch to see things through to completion.

During the recent period of madness referred to as "our wedding", Carol was utterly indespensible. Truth be told, without her we might not have ended that crazy week as husband and wife. Left to our own devices Morley and I would probably now be patients in a loony bin sitting in the corner drooling and chanting "I do" while picking at our strait jackets, and you might have attended a big old beach party for nothing.

Carol was our wedding Field Commander, Nagger Supreme, Keeper of the To Do List, Detail Coordinator, Emergency Seamstress, Problem Solver, Calmer Downer, and Comfort Giver. No detail, no matter how small, escaped her watchful eye. She was simultaneously bossy and nice to keep us on track and on schedule during a time when we couldn't find our asses with both hands.

Each time I would start to freak out over some task or another, she'd calmly add it to her already ridiculously long list and tell me not to worry about it. She must have said a thousand times "Just relax and let me handle that. It's your wedding, Susan--this time it's all about you".

So today is the day that we repay Carol for making sure the wedding was all about us. We're calling it "All About Carol Day" and we've had as much fun planning it as we had planning our own wedding--no, more since we aren't stressed out crazy lunatics this time.

The repayment begins promptly at noon when she arrives at our house and I stuff her in my car and then... Well, I can't say. She might read the blog this morning and get the scoop on what we have in store for her. Let's just say our goal is to make sure that by bedtime tonight she's relaxed and mellow and we'll have repaid her in a tiny way for everything she did to get us to the altar on time.

Of course I'll take my camera along so come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it.

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