Sep 21, 2008

A successful endeavor

Evening on the dock--the best time of day on the water.

I think "All About Carol Day" was successful in putting her back in the condition she was in before she spent a couple of weeks getting us married off.

We started off in historic Buford, a charming little town near the lake, to have lunch at Picasso's, a swanky bistro serving dainty girl food such as butternut squash ravioli. My ravioli and Carol's lemon chicken penne were delicious and we enjoyed a wonderful red wine with our meal. Then we packed down two massive portions of fat-laden desserts that had words like "doubly decadent" and "sinfully rich" in their descriptions, then we washed it all down with Irish coffees. At this point the relaxation process was well underway.

After lunch we waddled two doors down to the Blue Lotus Day Spa where I had signed Carol up for the royal treatment. Of course it was only reasonable for me to sign myself up for the exact same treatment as she was receiving since I was in charge of "All About Carol Day" and thus needed to ensure she was getting properly relaxed. My motivation was strictly for purposes of quality control, you understand. That's just the kind of friend I am, people. I would never ask someone to do something I'm not willing to do myself. I give and I give.

When we waddled into the spa, the cute little receptionist who, poor little thing, didn't have a single wrinkle or fat cell on her body and had obviously never eaten anything with the words "sinfully rich" in its description, gave each of us a fluffy robe and slippers to change into then escorted us into the "relaxation room" to wait for our treatment to begin.

The relaxation room was dimly lit and furnished with overstuffed sofas and chairs with big fluffy pillows and there was soft music playing in the background. The skinny chick served us hot herbal tea and draped warm pillows filled with lavender buds around our necks, and told us to relax while we waited for our facialists to come fetch us. I'm not sure if it was the soft lights and soothing music, or the combination of the warm lavender scent and the herbal tea--or more likely the wine and Irish coffees--but we were definitely starting to mellow out by the time our facialists showed up and took us to our respective rooms to receive our rejuvenating facials.

I would tell you the details of the rejuvinating facial but I slept through the whole thing. For all I know I laid there by myself sleeping it off for an hour while my facialist was out back smoking a few cigs, but I can tell you that when she woke me up I felt quite rejuvenated and relaxed so whatever she did while I was out had obviously worked. She assured me I hadn't snored during the rejuvination process but I think I might have because she didn't look me in the eye when she said it.

Afterwards Carol and I met back in the "relaxation room" to wait for our masseuses to arrive. In performing my duties as relaxation project manager, I asked her if she was feeling relaxed yet and she said she felt like one of those cartoon characters that have crosses on their eyes...something like this:

Then we each had a full body massage--which I also slept through--and then we poured ourselves back into our clothes and went to the boat for more relaxation.

Morley showed up at the boat just as we did so he then presented Carol with our thank you gift and served us a tasty dinner with a terrific red wine, at which point Carol declared herself fully restored to her pre-wedding state of mellowness and headed for bed. Mission Accomplished.

So "All About Carol Day" was a resounding success and I highly recommend that you declare one for one of your deserving friends. And of course you should be responsible in your duty to make sure everything goes as planned by tagging along every step of the way. It's a sacrifice you should be willing to make for your friend, yes?


  1. Thank you for a wonderful time. But as I told the Spencers, (doesn't that sound great) I would have been devastated had I not been involved in this wedding. You two just belong together.
    Love You-

  2. Awwww, thanks Carol. I think we belong together too, but without your help we'd probably still be the "Susan Mohr-ly Spencers" as Jim Darling used to call us. If your architecture gig doesn't work out (which it will) you can count on me as a reference for your wedding planner business! : -)