Sep 18, 2008

Jim makes heavenly music

Last night Carol and I went to Emory University to hear a our friend Jim Zellers in concert. You will remember him from the wedding when he played that exquisitely sweet song during the service.

Jim has studied flute all his life (he has a doctorate degree in flute from Julliard School of Music) and that flute of his isn't just any old flute. It's solid gold and was made by one of the masters (I'd tell you which master but I can never remember the name even though he's told me a dozen times). His flute cost more than my car, seriously, but the sounds he can make with it are simply heavenly.

Last night he was the concert's featured performer, and at one point everyone else left the stage and Jim performed alone. You wouldn't think one tiny flute could fill a huge concert hall with sound, but it did. It sure did...

Here's Jim totally lost in his music. I think this was the part of the aria where the man realized the woman he loved with all his heart was in love with someone else:

...and this is where the guy decides to kill himself because he couldn't live another day without her:

...and here's the part where the guy begs the flowers to grow on his grave so his lost love will think of him after he's gone:

...and here's the part where the usher came over and told me photography was forbidden in the concert hall:


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