Sep 15, 2008

Monday's Stray Neurons

Miscellaneous thoughts for the day:

Sarah Palin: Part of my daily reading includes the online issue of a UK newspaper, the Daily Mail (my new sister in law is horrified that of all the English newspapers, I read this particular one--it's like the National Enquirer, except more newsy). Anyway, here's what they have to say about Sarah Palin--too funny, especially the line about moose hunting being the Alaskan equivalent to playing darts.

Wedding Photos: We're still waiting to see the professional photographer's photos, but yesterday I picked up the photos guests took with the cameras passed around at the reception. Morley and I were so busy during the reception that we missed most of what was going on, but looking through the photos gave us an idea of what everyone was up to while we were eating cake and working the crowd. Obviously, there was a lot of fun going on that we missed out on entirely.

Here are a few good shots taken with the guest cameras:

...and here's my favorite (so far):

A couple of classy broads. I just love those girls.

I'll post more on the wedding website today and tomorrow. There's nearly 700 shots so it will take me awhile to go through them and get the best ones uploaded.

(PS: Shea and Brandi, please don't kill me. I couldn't help myself, truly I couldn't.)

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