May 20, 2008

Warning: my sister will not like this post

Before I begin this post, let me first save my sister from the trauma that is going to follow: Loretta, please avert your eyes. Seriously. You don't want to see this.

Okay, now that Loretta is off doing something else, let me start by saying that lately I've been waking up in the morning feeling all cramped and not very rested. I couldn't figure out what the problem was--there are no animals allowed on the bed except Muffin. But that couldn't be the problem because he only weighs four pounds and he sleeps at Morley's feet where he's out of the way and doesn't interfere with our snoozing. In fact, we don't even know he's there so it must be something else. I accused Morley of bed-hogging, a sin he has been known to commit in the past, but he swore innocence.

I solved the mystery the other night when I made the mistake of drinking coffee after dinner because I wanted to see the final episode of Survivor and was afraid I'd fall asleep before it came on (at 8 PM--how lame am I?).

I definitely stayed awake long enough to see the end of the show but the problem was I kept staying awake long after it was over. I was up really, really late--all that caffeine had me buzzing until midnight--but that accidental caffeine overdose solved the mystery of why I haven't been sleeping well.

Everyone else had long sacked out by midnight when I went upstairs to go to bed. And this is what I saw (Loretta do NOT go any further. Stop reading right now, I beg of you):

As it turns out, Shelby has figured out that Morley and I are both sound sleepers so when we start sawing logs she takes the opportunity to improve her sleeping accomodations. As in, the accomodations on MY side of the bed. Busted. Caught on film.

It's cuteness like this that gets Muffin exempted from the "no animals on the bed" policy, by the way.

Isn't this cute? The animals all curled up together with their little furry bums together? Cute?

And immediately after i made these photos of them looking so cute, I kicked every one of them out of bed and told them to never, ever, ever to come back again. Well, everyone except Morley. He gets to stay but only if he sticks to his side of the bed.

Loretta, I'm done. You can look now.

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