May 2, 2008

Storage Shed Needed, Stat!

The foyer at the house is beginning to look like a mini-warehouse as the stuff we've ordered for the wedding is beginning to stack up. One of those boxes contains a few hundred dried starfish (act surprised when you see them at the reception) which Muffin and Willow think are intended for them. You'll note that the box containing dried sea creatures--aka "Cat Cocaine"--is strategically placed at the very bottom of the stack to foil their unrelenting attempts to crack into it.

All those cardboard boxes definitely do not add to the overall ambiance of my decor, but on the bright side just one more delivery and we'll have all the stuff we need to mail you a wedding invitation.

And on the topic of weddings, I have (yet another) website set up to disseminate up to the minute wedding information. There isn't much there yet, but check it out: Susan & Morley's Wedding Central Website. I'll be adding more details real soon. Really, I will.

By the way, the family's website ( is currently blank. The webserver has some corrupted files that have to be uncorrupted and it is such a convoluted problem that they attempted to fix it by wiping the slate clean (which still didn't work) and now it has been escalated to a higher level of geekdom. They tell me they will have it figured out and fixed "soon" which previous experience with this particular hosting company tells me will be "sooner or later". Bear with me while the Geeks put their little pointed heads together to figure out our server issues, after which we'll be back in business.

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