May 5, 2008

A Day Off and Some Gardening

We had our third day off since March 15th yesterday and we spent it out in the garden getting things deweeded and pruned, and generally getting the yard looking less like a HUD foreclosure. We're usually well underway with our gardening by this time of year, but with working such crazy hours we just haven't had a chance to get going.

But finally we had a day off, and it was sunny and warm, and we'd picked up some plants last weekend on our Sunday afternoon off, so yesterday was our day. And we headed to the garden to work.

Well, not all of us worked...Muffin spent the afternoon fishing, fortunately without any luck.

But we created this very impressive pile of weeds:

After I pulled a million weeds, I planted some new flowers, pruned and trimmed some scraggly bushes, and moved a few plants from one place to another. Meanwhile Morley got the vegetable garden going by planting five tomatoes plants and erecting the support poles so we'll be ready to plant green beans:

And he used a tape measure to make sure everything was planted in precisely, exactly the right place:

People, this is what it's like living with an engineer. They can't help it, really they can't.

Anyway, we worked from daylight to dark, or to 7:50 PM to be precise, when we had done as much as we could do considering both of us were filthy and tired and ready for dinner and bed, not to mention I had lost the ability to raise my arms over my head.

But look how great my flower bed is looking. Is that the most gorgeous crop of Foxglove you ever saw? Yes? I thought so, too.

And the engineer doesn't look too shabby either if I say so myself.

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