May 13, 2008

I heart Psychrometrics

Yesterday I sat in on a "lunch and learn" session at the office. The topic was psychrometrics and I went because I wanted to know more about psychrometrics, for example what the heck is it. Or maybe I went because I like hanging out with the big boys and eating gourmet box lunches while saying stuff like "it's been awhile since I had a course on psychrometrics" and eating cookies. That was during the "lunch" part.

Then it came time for the "learn" part . The main thing I learned is that I'm glad I'm not an engineer because it's hard and there's a lot of math. And what I learned about psychometrics is that it has something to do with wet bulbs and dry bulbs, and how many grains of something are in a cubic foot of something else, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....

I hung around waiting for the part where we got to use colored markers but that never happened, so about halfway thru the class I made a discrete exit by saying I thought I had a speck of RH in my eye and needed to wash it out, or maybe what I said was that my eyeballs were melting out of my sockets. Whatever. And I took an extra cookie with me on the way out.

And then I ran to my desk and added a entire column of numbers using Excel to restore my mathematical self confidence and then I drew something with colored markers.

I did, however, find my attention was riveted on the professor during the whole lecture. In fact, I took him home and smooched on him pretty good after school let out.

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