Jun 9, 2008

Weekend with the family

We had a GREAT time this weekend with Matt, Michelle, Tony, Kory and Heather. We swam and soaked in the (very) hot sun and I think we ate ourselves senseless while we were at it. Not only was it the first weekend we've spent at the boat all year, it was the first time we've gone swimming. So much fun, so little weekend.

Matt captained the boat on the final trip back to the dock and he did great. In fact, Morley was so impressed with him at the helm that we actually took a seat at the back of the cockpit and enjoyed being passengers for a change. We don't get to do that very often and it was a real luxury.

We fell totally in love with Matt last week and only because I like Tammy so much did I consent to giving him back after his visit came to an end--actually I was afraid that she might give me one of those infamous "whoopins" if I didn't give him back (Brad might have also gotten a little cranky if we hadn't returned his kid, but Brad doesn't scare me--let us not forget that I judo-flipped him on Mom's concrete patio back in childhood. But that's another story entirely).

Anyway, it was a wonderful time and thank you Mike for the use of the guest house, also known as "your boat". We crammed it full of tired kids who were very grateful for the nice comfy beds and air conditioning after a long day of sun and water.

...and finally, here's a video of Matt exiting the boat with style. I've never worked up the courage to do this myself:

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