Jun 21, 2008

Morley's Recovery and Info about my Bail

We are now in Day Five of Morley's post surgical recovery and even though things have gone exactly as the surgeon had predicted, they haven't gone exactly the way Morley had planned. His idea was that he'd be a teeny wee bit under the weather for a day or two, then miraculously bounce back to normal around Wednesday--you know, the SuperMorley effect. That didn't happen.

On Monday he was in the happy place thanks to morphine shots and pain killers. On Tuesday he was still cruising a little on the residual effects of all those meds, plus it was only Day Two and his attitude was good due to his expectation that a full and complete recovery would take place any minute.

And then came Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday.

Once it became clear that a spontaneous full recovery was not going to happen, he was not only no longer in the happy place, he took up full time residence in the dark and cranky place. He was in pain, out of sorts and ver-r-r-r-y testy, so on Wednesday we decided to come up to the boat in hopes that a pleasant atmosphere would put him in a better frame of mind. In hindsight that was maybe not the best decision. You try being cooped up with a grouchy patient in a one bedroom boat for three days and let's see how well you do. If you don't have a cranky patient handy, substitute a grizzy bear with its paw caught in a animal trap. Same thing.

He was just as grouchy and cranky as he'd been at home, just in a smaller space, so to keep my mind off murderous thoughts and homicidal fantasies, I stayed busy cleaning the cupboards in the bedroom and bathroom. Not only did I manage to stay (mostly) out of the line of fire, but in the process I raised the boat up in the water by a couple of inches by tossing out a bunch of crap that had found its way onboard over the years. My cleaning frenzy coupled with the liberal use of the phrase "whatever you say, dear" got us through the last three days without either of us ripping the head off the other. But just barely.

As I write this it is just after dawn on Saturday morning and we're sitting in the salon having coffee. Morley is reading a good book and watching the Science channel, and so far so good. He even called me "honey" and poured my coffee this morning. These are good signs that he's returning to his usual cheerful self.

But just in case, until we get thru this recovery process please keep a little cash handy because I might need it for bail money. Don't worry about me though--there's not a jury on Earth that would convict me. I'm just saying.

PS: After I finally got a chance to check my emails and saw people were worried about a tumor returning, it dawned on me that I'd never actually said what the surgery was for. It was a hernia--a big 'un.


  1. I would have been happy to come down and drive you guys around the lake!;)...


  2. I should have called you! We didn't leave the dock for five days and the fresh air would have been great...except I might have been tempted to toss the patient overboard if he got too cranky! (kidding) (kidding).