Jun 7, 2008

The Butt Ugly Boat

If you read the prior post, you have been forewarned about how butt ugly the new boat is right now. But last night we crawled around the boat to take a closer look and of course I took my camera along.

And here, in all it's butt ugly glory, is a photo of our new butt ugly boat which is soon to be rechristened "Seas the Moment 2":

And just in case the photo above doesn't convey the true ugliness of the real thing, here's that photo again of another identical boat that has been updated and redecorated:

Big difference, huh. Do the words "dark and cave-like" seem to apply? Yeah, I think so too. But all that dark blue carpet and upholstery and everything else that's dark and gloomy is gonna get ripped out and carried to the dumpster about ten minutes after we close on this baby.

And here's a shot of the not-so elegant master stateroom. It's gonna get stripped down to the bare bones too:

And here is a photo of Matt inspecting the dark blue interior. He hates dark blue too. Even if he didn't hate it before, he hates it now. He OD'd on dark blue while touring the butt ugly boat.

PS Isn't Matt handsome?

And here's Matt driving the Seas The Moment--he did great. He captained that boat like he'd been doing it for years. I think we've converted him into a boater and an engineer this week.

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