Jun 28, 2008

The Best Things Anybody Ever Said to Me

Recently I stumbled across a blog written by a woman who lives in London and writes about her little girl and her man and the everyday things that go on inside their house. I love reading it because she has the best writing style and a wicked sense of humor, plus her life in England is so similar yet so different than mine here in Atlanta.

Recently she posted a list of the best things anyone ever said to her which I thought it was a nifty thing to think about. So I thought about it and came up with my own personal list, towit:

A Partial List of the Best Things Anybody Ever Said to Me:

"Benign" - the doctor who reviewed the test results of my biopsy that showed the wierd lumps in my girls were just clumps of coal or protein or something and not anything bad that might possibly kill me.

- also the doctor who a few weeks later reviewed the results of Morley's biopsy that showed the mega tumor was just a lump of misbehaving cells and not anything bad that might possibly kill him.

"Susan, I really do love you a lot" - My sister Loretta who always ends every phone call by telling me she loves me, but sometimes rings me right back just to say she really, really, really loves me.

"The worst decision I ever made in my life was to break up with you" - Ray Tipton, the object of my high school affections who dumped me for another girl during our Senior year and rendered me temporarily unable to breathe or sleep, calling thirty years later to see if I had forgiven him yet and asking me if I would go out with him again. (My answer by the way was hell, no no, thank you) He eventually married the other girl but divorced her 20 years later when she went to prison for a white collar crime. Karma for stealing my man? You be the judge.

"You're not like the other mothers" - Heather, in response to my inquiry about what the other moms were like who would be going on a mother-daughter cruise being planned.

"We agree to pay the Plaintiff $25.6 million dollars" - The US Department of Housing and Urban Development offering to settle the lawsuit my company filed against them for wrongfully terminating our contract and putting us out of business. The company was still kaput and my 500 employees had still lost their jobs, but it was vindicating as all heck to get that check. In case you are wondering, I got to keep just a tiny fraction of those millions but the vindication? All mine.

"I wish I had what you have" - My friend Carol several years ago after listening to me lament about the inferior quality of the suitors pursuing me at the time. It made me shut up and be grateful that I had choices.

"Here, take this Vega and give me the keys to that Pinto" - My dad in the early 1970's relieving me of the burden of driving the single most unreliable car ever produced by Detroit. I then happily spent the next three years driving the second most unreliable car ever produced by Detroit which consumed oil by the gallon but at least it started when it was supposed to.

...and the very best thing anybody ever said to me (so far):

"I can't wait to be married to you" - Morley the other night in the kitchen when I said something that made him laugh, and then his face suddently got all sincere and genuine and he blurted that out. Those sweet spontaneous thoughts of his always get to me.

Your assignment for today: what is the best thing anybody ever said to you? Give it some thought and you'll come away with a new attitude of gratitude, I promise.

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