Apr 10, 2009


I got a great email from my penpal Dewey containing this cartoon published in the Chicago Tribune back in 1934:

..close ups so you can read it better:

and the comment in the email:

"The more things change, the more they stay the same! Those who fail to heed the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. A review of the economic history of the 1930’s demonstrates that Roosevelt’s spending programs failed to turn the economy around. Unemployment temporarily dropped and then rose again in the late thirties to more than 15%. It took World War II to reverse that trend."

I think Americans are getting very impatient with politicians in general, and in particular with politicians who think it is perfectly okay to vote for the largest spending bill in the history of mankind without even reading it which pours billions--trillions!--of dollars we don't have into programs that have nothing to do with economic recovery. We're in a recession and our politicians have decided its a great time to install a swimming pool in the back yard and buy an Italian sportscar. They've lost their damn minds.

Washington politicians are out of control. They're on the mother of all shopping sprees and they're paying for it with their Capitol One Visa, also known as "loans from The People's Republic of China". And why shouldn't they enjoy splurging on every social program, every agenda they can dream up? After all, they don't have to pay back all those borrowed trillions--our great grandchildren will have to do that.

May I interest anyone in a nice cup of tea?


  1. Headin' for the tea party, girly, on April 15th in Fresno, CA. Everyone should find one. Don't know what good it's gonna do but maybe the sheer number of bodies will make someone take notice.

    As my teenage daughter said tonight, "At least in Boston they quit buying tea. We're just gonna go and tell 'em we're mad, shake our fist, and then go home and buy things that we pay taxes on. What's the point?" We're not sure but we're going anyway.

  2. The world is beginning to catch on to this phony, with the exception of our fawning media here at home. We need not only term limits in Congress but also conservatives who are not above some dirty tricks of their own to beat this gang of thugs. The really sad thing is that we're in the minority in seeing things as they really are.

  3. Eggs-cellent analysis and commentary MEPP. Wish I'd thot of all that before sending it on. But then, you do have a fine way with words...