Apr 11, 2009

(Most of) Britain's Got Talent

I am hooked on watching BBC partly because I live with an Englishman and partly because the Brits come up with different shows than the same old junk that is on American TV.

One of my favorite shows on the BBC is "Britain's Got Talent", a talent show where ordinary people compete for the chance to perform for the Queen. I knew from reading the UK newspapers online this week that there was buzz about the new season that started tonight--particularly about a frumpy unemployed 47 year old woman from Glasgow named Susan Boyle.

Susan wants to sing for the Queen and she might get to do just that. Here's her audition that aired tonight in the UK:

Note: YouTube has disabled the ability to embed the video on outside websites (boo, hiss!) but you can watch it here

Yowsah. She's good. And if you're up for watching another performance, here's Paul Potts. He was a mobile phone salesman from Wales who knocked my socks off in a previous season. He won the competition and sang for the Queen, and then went on to get his teeth fixed and become a popular singer in Europe:

This video still works.

However, lest I've given you the mistaken impression that every contestant on the show is a singer with the voice of an angel, I give you Fabia Cerra:

Fabia is a dancer who, tragically enough, had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction last night when one of her tassels fell off during her performance. But she picked it up off the stage, stuck it on her head, and soldiered on with her dance routine. Because obviously Fabia is a classy broad.

You just don't see stuff like that on American television. I'm just saying.

Anyway, English judges know raw artistic talent when they see them it: Simon Cowell told Fabia he adored her, and Piers Morgan told her if he had his way she'd be in the finals right there on the spot. And despite the judges not being 100% sure that Fabia's particular form of artistic expression is the Queen's cup of tea, they voted her and her behemoth boobehs through to the next round anyway.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next week, and for once I'll get to see the full version of the show live on the telly and not just snippets on the internet.

Oh, you know you want to see it:

Note: YouTube has also disabled external embedding of this video but you can trek over to YouTube (boo!) and watch Fabia here

PS: while the Queen was somewhere in the palace petting her corgis and cleaning out her purse--or whatever she does on a Saturday night--I bet Prince Phillip was glued to his telly. And here's $20 that says he was rooting for Fabia.

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  1. Help! When you click on the link it says the embedding is disabled on the videos. And you KNOW I must see these! lol