Oct 5, 2008

Modern Conveniences

This is our "new" old boat, Magnificent Obsession. We love her because she is roomy and solid and has lots of modern conveniences. That's Carol standing in the cockpit. Hi, Carol!

We love all the nice features on our "new" old boat. For example, it has an washer/dryer to wash your clothes or sheets, or a load of dirty towels such as the ones I washed the other day after we'd used them in cleaning the funk off the boat. The washer/dryer worked great...

...except for the drain. Actually the drain works great, except instead of draining the water overboard, it drains it into the floor of the guest stateroom and hallway. I got the spend a whole afternoon using a shop vac in this area. I now know this part of the boat very, very well.

This is another modern convenience onboard our "new" old boat: a full bathroom just for guests. It works great too...

...except for the toilet. Well, the toilet works great, except instead of pumping the water into one of the holding tanks, it pumps it here:

...this is the other full bathroom on the boat. This bathroom doesn't work so great. The pump on this toilet doesn't send the water anywhere. It just makes it swirl round and round inside the toilet bowl. We got to know this part of the boat very, very well too.

We never could get things working and so we had to place a call to the one and only marine plumber we know on Lake Lanier. We've now been waiting a week for him to show up and get the plumbing problems fixed.

In the mean time, two slips down from our "new" old boat is our "old" new boat which we are trying to sell:

It's a really nice boat except it doesn't have as many conveniences as our "new" old boat--but the toilet works great. These days we refer to her as our $100,000 outhouse.

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