Oct 29, 2008

Update From The Winners' Circle (not political)

I need a break from politics. My nerves are shot from talking and thinking about the election all day every day. And I'm guessing you would probably like to see something other than political videos posted here for a change. So how about an update on what became of the executives of ITMG?

For the blissfully unaware, ITMG was a corporation that employed 500 employees in 26 states back in the late 1990's. I was ITMG's President/COO, a title that carries with it the same honor, prestige and admiration heaped upon Edward John Smith, the Captain of the SS Titanic, except with less favorable media coverage.

Long story short: ITMG suffered a ugly fate. We had a nasty spat with our client--which just happened to be the US government--and the company imploded, we filed bankruptcy, then we sued the Feds for being a very naughty and quite disagreeable client. Three years later the Feds settled with us and handed over a butt load of millions which the lawyers immediately fell upon like buzzards on roadkill and divided among themselves. And then all of us former ITMG executives dusted ourselves off, rebooted our damaged careers and got on with our lives.*

*There was a bunch of other stuff that happened in there but that's a story for another day lifetime. I'm sick of talking about that too.

Anyway, by sheer chance I recently met the ex-husband of someone who played a part in that lawsuit which got me wondering what ever became of the members of my old ITMG management team. I started Googling and here's what I found out:

One of the largest stockholders founded another company, this one. He's doing fabulously well but that's no surprise--he's hands down one of the smartest people I ever met.

Another big stockholder owns a company in Denver and appears to be doing well also.

The former Chief Financial Officer is now a senior kahuna with a big corporation. That's no surprise either because he is a great tactical thinker. It was his brilliant idea to file bankruptcy when we did which, for reasons way too complicated to recount here, is what saved our bacon and allowed us to pursue the litigation that produced the multi-million dollar settlement which I got almost none of because the bastard lawyers kept most of it. But I'm not bitter. Issues.

Anyway, the real stunner is what our majority stockholder and Chairman of the Board--my former boss--is doing these days. Being as how he won the grand prize I'll have to say he is also doing well, albeit in a way that uses a totally different skill set than the one I was familiar with. Click Here to See A Current Photo of My Old Boss.

As for the other members of senior management, several of them were at my wedding last month so we got together for an Executive Photo Shoot. Here we are in the pose we frequently assumed when we were negotiating with our former client:

For the record you'll notice that all of us had our "L" backward except for Doris, the lady on the right. She was destined for the top, that girl.

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