Oct 20, 2008

Butt Ugly Boat Update, Part 2

Other than a half day meeting on Saturday morning, we took the entire weekend off and hung out at the boat. I came down with a miserable cold or flu (hard to tell which at this point) and spent most of the weekend sleeping, sneezing, blowing my nose and generally feeling lousy while Morley soldiered on without me fixing things on our very long to-do list.

Before we left yesterday I took some photos of the rest of the boat to show you our progress so far. First things first--your room. Here's the guest room before:

Here's what it looks like now--fresh crisp new linens and Now! Cootie! Free!

And here's the galley before. It's hard to tell from this photo but there was junk sitting everywhere--hardly enough free counter space to make a sandwich:

...and here's the galley now with lots of room to cook. That is, if you don't have a bad cold/flu and actually feel like cooking (sniff) (sneeze):

Here's the salon before:

And here's the salon now:That coffee table is just a temporary fix, by the way. It actually belongs outside in the cockpit but it does the trick while I search for a permanent solution.

We've made progress but we're still a long way from our goal which is to look more like this:

As you can see, we have a long, long, long way to go. (Sigh)

Moving on, here's a "before" shot of the office/third cabin:

This is my personal hanging-out spot when we're onboard (Morley's spot is the pilot house which I refer to as "Man World). Coincidentally it is also a very cozy place to sleep off a bad cold/flu.

Here's what it looks like now:

Basically what we have now is a clean boat but one that's still Butt Ugly--only new carpet and upholstery is going to transform this baby into anything short of Butt Ugly.

On other matters of the BUB: We spent our third weekend in a row with no working toilets. The only marine plumber we know has come by twice to "look things over" but hasn't started fixing anything yet--where's Joe the Plumber when you really need him--so we still have to use the bathroom on our other boat. I can tell you from personal experience that short walk is a real pain when you are not feeling well.

Also our battery charger crapped out sometime during the last week which meant we had no 12v system--no overhead lights and no juice to crank the engines to take a cruise. The dead charger was original equipment so rather than repair it we'll just replace it with a new one which our buddy Steve will install this week. Actually this is one of those bad news/good news situations--we already knew we had electrical problems (see BUB Update, part 1) and we were thrilled at the news that we'd have to spring for a new charger to fix them. Chargers are a lot cheaper than replacing the batteries.

Update added later: As it turned out, we needed a new battery charger and new batteries. So much for the Power of Positive Thinking.

Finally, Morley made big progress in the Onboard Entertainment department this weekend. While I was busy whining and sneezing and taking naps, he unhooked the satellite dish from our old boat and ran it to the BUB, so as soon as we buy some new TVs we can resume watching BBC America in bed. I'm really excited about this since I was starting to go into serious Cash in the Attic withdrawal.

So that's it for now. I am going to the office this morning just long enough to take care of my desk but not so long that I infect anybody else with this crud. And then I'll come back home and resume my reclining position on the sofa because (hack) (sniff) (sneeze) I don't feel so good.

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