Oct 5, 2008

Sunday Custody

It's official. Heather, the brat, has flown the coop and now lives in her own place. One of the conditions we negotiated in the deal is that we get custody every single Sunday for the rest of her life, so sure enough she moved out on Saturday but was back the next day for Sunday dinner.

To show what good sports we are that she selfishly insists on having her own life that does not include living with me until she's 85 years old (but I'm not bitter) we surprised her with a housewarming gift.

...a set of very cool black and white stripey dishes. They'll come in handy since we plan to show up for dinner at her house the other six days of the week.

PS: I tried to toss in a bonus gift that I thought matched her decor to a "T", but she wasn't having any of it:

This is a short video that has nothing whatsoever to do with Heather moving out but I thought it was pretty cool.

How in the world do you train a dog to say no to a treat? Shelby won't tell me.

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