Aug 29, 2008

Hola from Nicaragua

I have about 10 minutes access to a computer so I will make this a quick one. You ll have to forgive the lack of proper punctuation because the keyboard is Spanish which means the apostrophe key does this ç and the comma key does this ñ and hell if I know where the key for the quotation marks is because the one labeled quotation marks does this Ç.

Anyway, we are here and doing okay. It is hot as blazes and humid as hell, and it rains every single day. Nicaragua is much the same as the last time we were here except now the people in the village are showing some signs of prosperity and a few people are even carrying cell phones.

Maybe Im getting too old for this or maybe my memory of previous trips is foggy, but I think sanitation is worst than it used to be. Loretta and Carol, dont EVER even think of coming down here--you would spend your entire trip cleaning. Seriously, the whole country needs some Lysol and a scrub brush and even I am having a bit of a hard time getting used to some things, such as the rat dookie in our dorm room. The two of you would spend every night sleeping on the front porch.

Anyway, my time is about up but here are some pix to show you what weve been up to

Ooops, times up on the computer so I gotta run. Hopefully you can tell we are having a good time and getting some good work done. See you guys in a few days right after I spend some quality on a manicure and pedicure.

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