Aug 18, 2008

Engineers are too cool. Sez me.

Watch this video, circa 1978. The guy playing the guitar (left side of stage, wearing a vest and no shirt) is the Bristol of Spencer Bristol.

Who says engineers aren't cool, eh?

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  1. Dear Susan,
    I am an email pal of your pal Jim Williamson. He helped me with my new blog and he mentions you and me on his blog.
    You have an interesting love story and I wish you well in your forthcoming marriage. You seem to have been thru a lot and conquered it all.

    May your marriage be A Many Splendored Thing and as they said to each other in the movie- Jennnifer Jones and Wm Holden- we have not missed you and I for we have had this many splendored thing.

    I have watched that movie, dvd, video etc twenty times for the love story. I even had that song from it played at my wedding ceremony 48 yrs ago.

    Lots of happy days and good health.

    Mrs. Elita S. Clayman
    Baltimore, Md 21209

    Jim and I met on the internet when I was searching for info on my grandfather who ran the mill there in Savage about 1900 when my dad was a little boy. Jim responded and helped in the research and email often. He is a great guy.