Mar 17, 2008

The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Fine

(Thanks to Jimmy Buffett for that catchy title which I borrow here because I'm too lazy to think of anything original).

The weather here in Atlanta was absolutely crazy the past few days. We had nothing but intense storms and heavy rain--lots and lots of heavy rain--and big winds since last Thursday.

In fact, our friend Steve made this photo of a big wind on Saturday:

This particular big wind was a tornado, and it is the same one Morley and I drove through Saturday morning when we tried to get to Tennessee to visit the 'fam and help Loretta celebrate her birthday.

We hadn't even gotten as far as Highway 411 before we had to turn around. The rain was so hard we could hardly see the road, and at one point there was no line between the sky and the ground--it was eerie looking. We decided it wasn't smart to be on the road in that weather so we turned around to head back home.

And that's when Bratley called to tell us we were in the middle of a tornado (he was also driving home to Tennessee and was a few miles ahead of us).

I bring your attention to the fact that, once again, SuperReporter Brad scooped the local media with the Big Story--the radio station we were listening to didn't broadcast their tornado warning until a few minutes after Brad had called. Yeah, yeah. Tornado. We're already on it. Again. That boy has a brilliant career in journalism ahead of him if this gig selling dental equipment doesn't work out.

Anyway, that very same tornado headed to Lake Lanier where our friend Steve took its picture as he abandoned ship to take cover in the marina's office:

Fortunately the tornado didn't mess with the marina but it did rearrange a few things on land. On the bright side, all the heavy rain is doing great things in getting the lake level back up.

So instead of visiting everyone this weekend Morley and I spent Saturday hanging out in the garage watching the sky and keeping track of tornado warnings that were issued one after another all day long.

We did make use of all that quality time in the garage to finish the Cheap Ugly Furniture project. I'll post pix of the finished product when I get a few minutes.

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