Mar 15, 2008

It's a Man, It's a Plane, It's SuperReporter!

By day brother Bratley is Clark Kent, mild mannered marketer of high priced dental equipment, but by night he's SuperReporter, man of steel capable of scooping in a single bound the Big Story away from international news organizations.

He's in Atlanta for a dental conference and is staying at a hotel downtown near the CNN tower and the Georgia Dome. Last night we had a storm--a really fierce storm--which out here in the 'burbs we knew was a very nasty one, but we had no idea there was a tornado until Brad called.

He was having dinner in the CNN tower when pieces of the ceiling started falling in and it started raining inside the building. He took cover by a concrete pillar until the coast was clear and then he started calling in his news reports.

As a matter of fact, he broke the story several minutes before the local TV stations and CNN did--and that's saying something since CNN's own building was right in the thick of things. By the time they hit the airwaves with their special reports on a tornado downtown, the news was already old hat at our house. Yeah, yeah, tornado, we're already on it. Up next on CNN: Ford Pintos recalled due to faulty gas tanks.

Anyway, not only was SuperReporter quick with the live telephone reports, he was quick with the pix too. Here are some he took from the street outside his hotel:

I think the Bratmobile is somewhere in this parking deck:

There was lots of metal and broken glass in the streets too:

If you want to watch the local news story (including an interview with a guy who is in town attending the same conference as Bratley), watch this.

By the way, that thing about a tornado sounding just like a freight train? Brad says it's really true.

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