Mar 27, 2008

If you would ask my sister Loretta the question "what is the worst part of having a housecat?", her immediate answer would be "there would be a CAT in your HOUSE". The correct answer, however, is "dookie".

Keeping the litter box clean is a real pain, a chore that must be performed diligently and with strict regularity lest your house take on the aroma of pussycat poo.

We currently use an electric litter box with a motion sensor that monitors when a cat has paid a visit, then waits ten minutes before automatically raking the litter and making a deposit into a little holding tank.

The litter box stays clean enough but every few days someone (read: me) has to empty the holding tank. Believe me when I say dumping a tank of kitty crap is a pleasant way to start your day, or to end your day, or to impact your day in any way for that matter. (Don't even think about it, honestly. You'll spend the rest of the day trying to get the image out of your mind).

Meet the miraculous Cat Genie, a self flushing, self cleaning cat toilet that not only scoops the litter but flushes it out of your house without you having to do a darn thing. Basically it is a two foot tall cat crapper that does the dirty work for you. How cool is that?

I have one of these babies ordered and Morley is going to install it in the laundry room (here's how it works). Once he gets it hooked up to the plumbing we will never have to deal with the litter box ever again or empty a holding tank full of kitty doodie. Our lives will be simple and good and odorless forever and we shall all live happily ever after. Thus sayeth the ads for Cat Genie.

I'll rock with that.

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