Nov 7, 2008

Red Hot Britt

I got a couple of emails in response to my posting yesterday. None of them disagreed with the premise that I'm unhip and totally not cool, an oversight that I'm sure you meant in the nicest possible way.

What they commented on was that one line where I said I think Britt Hume is hot.

Yes, it is true. I've got it bad for Britt, and as further testament to my un-hipness, the guy I have the hots for is a retiree as of yesterday. I just keep getting hip'er and cooler by the minute. It's a gift.

Anyway, for those of you who have not yet succumbed the magnetic charms of my man Britt (and surely there aren't many of you), may I present the many faces of Britt:

Serious Britt:

"Tell me, Senator, when you accepted the campaign contribution from "My Old Lady's Trust Fund", were you aware this organization was a front for your wife's trust fund?"

Skeptical Britt

Britt says: "You can understand, Senator, why many find that hard to believe".

Britt thinks: "That's bulls**t, Senator, and we both know it".

Fair and Balanced Reporting Britt

Just telling it like it is and keeping his personal opinions out of it.

I've been very naughty, Britt.
I think I need a spanking.

Baby Britt

Pre wrinkles and gray hair.

Oh my, those lips. That hair. Those eyes. That voice.

Makes. Me. Want. To. Pinch. Those. Cheeks.

I have to go now. I need to go take a cold fair and balanced and news the shower. Or something.


  1. You are not alone on the dork meter. When I was a child, I had the biggest crush on John Cameron Swayze. A sign of things to come, I guess. Although, in my defense, there was also that Roy Rogers thing....

  2. Well-for me it's Brian Williams. If you think you are unhip and uncool, think of me and you'll feel better.

  3. Susan, I wrote you a nice comment and it did not publish. I am JD 's email pal too. You can read my dance articles on click on Elita's Corner or google in Fred Astaire Newsletter and you will see a line with my name and go on there and you will see my articles on life and dance. You seem to be real happy in your new married life. I wish you a long one.We are married 48.5 yrs, two kids, four grandkids.. We are ballroom dancers for the last 31 years..Good luck in your happy days now.. Elita