Jul 23, 2008

Mars vs Venus, the shopping edition

Thanks everyone for the sweet emails after my recent essay about Mom and her Alzheimer's. My sister cried when she read it and then she sent me something she had written along the same lines which made me cry. And then we began exchanging tearful, sentimental emails that made us both do the ugly cry at work which then forced me to lie to my coworkers by saying I have terrible allergies.

Thank goodness my niece who had spent the morning on the cc: line on all those weepy emails finally jumped into the fray with her own email containing a cyber slap upside the head and snapped us out of it, otherwise we'd probably still be going strong and my coworkers would be taking up a collection to buy me an industrial size bottle of Claritin and an oxygen machine. Anyway, after Shea helped us get a grip we all shared a virtual group hug and we all got back to work, and this morning in our usual phone call where my sister and I discuss Mom we were totally back to normal. So thanks, Doll--we needed that. We needed it real bad.

Now, what was I talking about before? Oh yes, the wedding (go figure).

Anyway, I was telling you about ordering the wedding dress of my dreams off the internet and being disappointed when it arrived and was much more revealing than it looked on the internet. It wasn't close to being a dress I'd feel comfortable wearing to a wedding, although it would have made a lovely choice if I was preparing to perform in a strip club under a stage name like "Alota Fogina" or "Booberella".

In contrast, allow me to tell you about Morley's efforts in the category of wedding wardrobe. He too had a specific idea of what he wanted to wear and I happened to find the exact set of threads he had in mind on the website where I bought my pole dancer's dress. I showed him the website photos and he said "perfect!" so we placed an order.

His clothes arrived in the same box as my dress and he tried them on over the weekend. They fit perfectly. Don't even have to have them hemmed. And they're of great quality and the design looks even nicer in person than it did in the photos.

In addition, I found the specific shoe he wanted on another website. I showed him the website photos and he said "perfect!". So I checked and of course his size was in stock--I was ever so happy for him--so I ordered the shoes and they arrived via UPS within 24 hours (free shipping! what a bonus! That must have been a load off his mind) and they look great and fit him to a "t".

So after, say, five minutes of grueling effort on his part, Morley is pretty much good to go for the wedding. Isn't that nice.

44 days to go and I still need a dress.

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