Jul 26, 2008

Let's talk wedding for a change

Just kidding. I am ready to talk--or think--about anything except wedding for a change. So let's talk lake instead.

We came to the lake last night to meet with the caterer and the DJ who'll be working at the weddi...uh, you know. We stayed on the boat and woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise, the sound of waves slapping against the hull, and a long list of things we need to do up here, not the least of which is cleaning Seas the Moment so she'll look real purty to potential buyers. We close on the new boat in about a week and a half and we figure it's best to get our cleaning chores done before we get possession of the new one and are tempted to jump into working on it instead of doing chores on the old one.

In addition, later this afternoon the lady who is baking the cake for the weddi...uh, you know, is coming up to talk cake and I invited her to stay for dinner. Since we couldn't feed a flea with the food in the pantry at the moment, a trip to the grocery store is in order along with a few other errands that absolutely have to get done today. As you can see, we had to jump right out of bed this morning and get busy, busy, busy.

So here's what we did instead:

Our friend Bud closed on his new boat last week and we wanted to take a cruise.

The boat's name is Moonflower and she is beautiful. This photo doesn't do her justice--it makes her look more like a big white sherman tank than a boat, but it was just a bad angle.

Here's Shelby taking a tour of the interior. The boat came nicely decorated and beautifully appointed. As you can see in the photo below, Shelby admires the gorgeous teak trim:

And here she smiles as she admires Bud's compact but efficiently designed galley:

And below she casts more admiring glances towards the teak in the salon. PS: You'll notice Shelby is politely averting her eyes from those clothes on Bud's sofa because it might be his underwear or something personal. Actually I think it was just a tee shirt, but you can never tell. It's best just to pretend like you don't see it.

After we took our cruise, we came back to our boat to get busy with our chores, but instead I pulled out our laptop and posted these pictures. And I looked at the photos of Bud's sofa to see if it was maybe boxer shorts or just a tee shirt. I think it's a tee shirt.

And now Morley is starting to look as if he's tempted to toss me overboard if I don't get busy and go shopping for grub so I gotta go. Hope you're having better luck in getting your weekend chores done than we are.

And thanks for not forcing me to mention the...uh, you know.

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