Apr 10, 2008

News from the Colonoscopy Clinic

Morley sailed thru his colonoscopy this morning except for the small detail of him not being sedated very much, as in he was awake enough to hear all of it and feel most of it. In all his prior procedures he's been so zonked out that he hardly remembered a thing afterwards and certainly didn't feel discomfort like he did this morning.

I don't know why Morley's doctor was so stingy with the good stuff, but when it comes to anesthesia I'm with Colonel Klink--I want to hear nuttink and see nuttink. I made a mental note that before I have my first colonoscopy I'll make sure the doc is clear on my requirements for copious amounts of meds during any procedure involving long probes wandering around in my colon and strangers' faces inches away from my butt. Seriously.

But back to Morley and his colonoscopy. First, the good news: no sign of the former Mega Tumor. The not so good news: in just six short months new polyps had sprouted in the same general area where the tumor used to be. The surgeon removed them for testing so we'll know more about that when the lab results are back.

To tell you the truth, we aren't all that upset about those new polyps yet--just another part of my quest to teach Morley the Worrier Supreme not to worry about things until they deserve to be worried about. The diagnosis might likely be nothing more than Morley is a prolific polyp producer who requires frequent de-polyping.

So the bottom line--unintentional colon joke, I swear--is we weren't thrilled about the new polyps and Morley isn't thrilled that the surgeon wants another follow up colonoscopy in three months, but in general the procedure went well. And on the bright side, I can report that our much anticipated post-colonoscopy breakfast at IHOP was awesome.

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