Apr 3, 2008

Rumor has it that Spring is Sprunging

Being as how the world which we refer to as "the office" is on suddenly on fire (and by 'on fire' I don't mean it in a good way, think 'on fire' as in Sherman burning Atlanta) I don't have time to regale you with any amusing stories about the things we've been doing lately to entertain ourselves.

Not to mention we haven't actually done anything amusing and the only thing we've done to entertain ourselves is to microwave whatever we can lay our hands on and call it dinner before we fall into bed and call it a day. And then we do the same thing again the next day. And the next day.

Fortunately Mother Earth is filling in the gap by amusing herself with spectacular blooms around our house. So here for your viewing pleasure are photos of Springtime at our house.

The cherry trees, for example, are going crazy.

While Morley wandered around with the camera capturing Springtime in photos so we can look at them later to see what we missed, I took the opportunity to do a little weeding. The cherry trees aren't the only thing waking up after a long winters' nap:

And here are some other blooming things in our yard (some of these are part of the 200+ bulbs we planted during the winter):

And that's all I have time for this morning since I have to be at work to interview a mechanical engineer in exactly one hour and four minutes.

Gotta fly, more to follow.

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