Mar 2, 2009

Snow in Atlanta

Disclaimer to relatives living in places where snow is normal: we don't get much of it down here so humor me while I talk about snow as if it was the rarest thing ever.

So. It snowed in Atlanta. It snowed a lot--about five inches worth. And what was really strange is it was a "thunder snow". The weather on Saturday was warm and balmy so when the cold front rolled through we had thunder and lightening...and snow. Thunder snow is very odd, indeed.

Shelby was fascinated by it. She had no earthly idea what that stuff was and kept sniffing at it and licking it and trying to eat it to figure it out. And then she made us a nice patch of yellow snow.

It was really cold too--not fit for man nor beast outside.

So I sent Morley out into the cold and snow to gather firewood. That's just what women do when it snows--send the men and beasts outside to gather firewood.

Every kid in Atlanta was outside making snowmen which they only have a chance to do a couple of times during their entire childhoods. It was great.

Of course the only reason we love snow is because on the rare occasions we get any of it, we know it won't hang around long enough to make life inconvenient. The weather will start warming up to normal today (its 20 degrees lower than is typical right now) and temps will be in the mid 70's by next weekend. If we had to put up with it for days or weeks at a time, we wouldn't be nearly as enamored by the white stuff.

Okay, I'm finished talking about snow now. Thanks for indulging me.