Feb 3, 2009

Butt Ugly Boat
...not so much

The blue carpet is gone. Hallelujah. Here are a few photos of the amazing transformation when the new carpet went in last Saturday.

This is a "before" shot of the salon looking towards to steps to the pilot house--except we'd already hauled off a few dozen dock carts full of junk so it is really a "during" shot:

...then the carpet guys pulled out the blue carpet and it looked better immediately:

...and now it looks like this. Mo bettah.

Note my husband coming up the stairs carrying a vacuum cleaner. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that one of life's great pleasures is watching your husband use a vacuum cleaner.

The BUB has a central vacuum system which would have been a better choice for sucking up the little pieces of carpet fluff that were everywhere, but we blew a hole in our last filter bag about five minutes into the clean up so we had to use the little one and empty its teeny tiny little dust bag about a thousand times.

Here's a shot of the pilothouse with its new floor. It looks three feet bigger without that gross blue carpet, seriously.

And here's a "during" shot of the salon. We'd already hauled off loads of junk by the time I took this shot, plus we'd carried off the massive, oversized, klunky, ugly, beat-up wood table left by the previous owner. We put the table on our friend Mike's houseboat. Mike loves that table. Mike is a bachelor who can decorate to please himself.

And here's the salon now. We've ordered some really pretty leather and as soon as it comes Jim is going to recover the sofa for us.

Obligatory butt crack photo of carpet installer. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Here's the companionway that leads to the bedrooms, office and bathrooms. It had always looked like a dark, gloomy cave but the very minute they pulled out the blue carpet it lightened up like crazy. The guys spent about half an hour scraping the old padding off the floor.

And here's the companionway now. Much, much, much mo bettah:

We still need to update the lights with more modern versions that will really light up the area, but at least we can now find our way to bed without getting lost in the dark hole.

It was such a morale booster to see the new carpet installed--you just can't imagine how much we had been looking forward to this day. I'm thinking it won't be long before we'll have to think of a new name for the Butt Ugly Boat.