Feb 19, 2009


I was on my way to Kroger after work yesterday because the only food in the house is a can of beanie weenies and a jar of Karo Syrup to buy a few final ingredients for the gourmet dishes I will be serving when my sister comes to visit this weekend when my husband phoned me.

He told me to head home because there was a big storm headed our way and he didn't want me to get caught in it. Although I was disappointed to miss out on grocery shopping (snicker), I turned the car around and was home within a couple of minutes.

A minute or two after that, the storm hit. We got pelted by hail stones:

...big 'uns:

As it rained and hailed like crazy outside we were glued to the TV and Channel 2 with its fascinating new technology that gives a dimensional view of storms. There were tornado warnings issued for the counties south of us--always exciting to watch--but the weatherman was making a really big deal of how much hail was inside the storm (the white part of the photo below).

I joked about how freaked out people here get over a little wimpy hail storm compared to the real hail storms we experienced in Texas. I regaled Morley with stories about those big storms with hail stones the size of watermelons and how blase we former Texans are about big storms. WIMPY GEORGIA WEATHER, I MOCK THEE.

I was very cool and sophicated in a knowledgeable, world traveler kind of way as I passed the time snapping photos of Shelby and the cats staring out the window at the hail coming down, and scoffing at the wimpy Georgia hail storm.

And then the storm outside suddenly intensified and the sound of hail beating down on the house was almost deafening. And then this message came on the screen:

Tornado warning. For our exact neighborhood.

So I dropped that sophisticated world traveler bullcrap and shot towards the foyer like a missil headed for Bagdad and huddled in this closet until the big scary Georgia storm passed.