Nov 11, 2009

working thru my inbox

My penpal Dewey sends me the  very best stuff, but sometimes it takes me forever a few days to catch up with my emails when things get particularly busy.  And they've been crazy busy lately.  We worked until 8 PM last night if that's any indication of how crazy it is around the office these days.  Crazy. 

Anyway, he sent me this one a couple of days ago but I only got around to watching it this morning at 4 AM.  How cool is this?

By the way, he currently has a video posted on his blog of a singer named Iris Dement whom he introduced me to a few months back (her music, not her personally) (just thought I'd clarify that).

I got hooked on her music in general and in particular the song she's singing in the video. It always reminds me of England--not because she's English or the song has anything to do with England, but because I heard it for the first time just before we went to England back in the Spring and the song was stuck in my head the whole time we were there.  Listen to Iris sing "Let the Mystery Be" .

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