Jul 21, 2009

A sad tale about brothers and birthdays
Also, I need a favor, bad

As you may have guessed by the lack of riveting new material posted here, I've been working long and hard lately. And because I've been working so long and hard I've let a few things slip.

Things such as remembering my youngest brother Bratley's, er I mean Bradley's, fiftieth birthday for example. I can't believe I let such a big event slide by me, but I did and I let it slide BAD. It was last week.

But as you can see, he has maintained his boyish good looks (look at that, will ya? his leather jacket from high school still fits!) so you can understand why it just didn't dawn on me that the dude is getting old*.

*he's not as old as me, but still.

Anyway, so here's where I really need your help. I'm sucking up throwing a little belated birthday party here to make up for my forgetting I even had a brother the rather subdued 50th birthday festivities of last week and I would really appreciate it if you would leave Bradley a happy birthday comment.

Don't worry if you don't actually know him--he'll never figure it out and besides, he can't afford to be all that picky about who his friends are. (Oh wait, that didn't sound right. I wasn't referring to you, my dear and faithful readers, all four of you).

What I was trying to say is that it doesn't matter who wishes him happy birthday just so long as somebody does since his own durn sister forgot all about it. The goal here is to have 50 people wishing him a happy 50th Birthday.

My brother Bratley is special *cough* *cough* to me and I love him dearly. And I'm really truly deeply sorry that I forgot all about his 50th birthday. Also, I'm really banking on this shameless act of sucking up to get me out of his dog house. So lay it on thick, okay?


PS. If you think you might actually know Bratley but aren't sure, here is a photo of him back when he had hair:

PPS: And while we're at it, I'm also really sorry about last year when we left him stranded all night on a disabled houseboat with no food or water or luggage in 100 degree weather. But I can only make up for one Bad at a time.

PPPS: When you leave your Happy Birthday comment, can you please mention where you are from so he won't accuse me of leaving 50 anonymous wishes myself? (and if you happen to be in Tucker, Georgia just make up some another city--he'll never know the difference.) (He's so suspicious, that guy. I can't imagine why.)


  1. happy 50th birthday from Bremerton Washington

  2. Happy Birthday Brad from your sister's friend Brenda in Plano, Tx!

  3. A Happy Belated Birthday Wish.

    May you have many many more Happy Birthdays.

    The Lamb Family

  4. Happy 50th birthday Bradley!

  5. Happy 50th Birthday, Bradley! Hope you have at least 50 more:-)

  6. Happy 50th birthday Brad!

  7. h a p p y
    b i r t h d a y ! ! ! !

  8. Happy Birthday from Houston, Texas!!

  9. Happy 50th Birthday, you young whippersnapper! From your sister's friend and blog buddy in Woodstock, GA.

  10. Hey Brad old boy - oops sorry, just a phrase! Happy Day

  11. Wow! That's just plain old. Happy B-day Brattttlee from Louisville!

  12. Adam Marks & Denice Stout7/22/09, 5:04 PM

    Happy 50th birthday!!
    May you have a great time & get spoilt to bits!

    all the way from the UK

    Adam & Denice

  13. Happy Birthday Brad!! From a fellow castaway :)

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday, Bradley! This is Carol (Kirby) Morris and I'm in Chickamauga, GA (formerly from Maryville). I'm so happy to see you survived growing up with Susan! Remember when she put you in the clothes dryer?

  15. Wow! I am just a fool for a man in a black leather jacket. You still got it babe-even if you are old.

  16. Hey Bradley--
    Happy 50th Birthday from all of Susan's Amigos down here in Nicaragua. I hope you had a great birthday!
    *Rachel Elledge
    Chinandega, Nicaragua

    From Susan's Farm Town Neighbor.
    Cheryl in Winston, GA

  18. Happy Birthday Brad, sorry I'm late, hope it was good!!

    Doris (formerly know as ITMG LOSER)

  19. Happy Birthday Uncle Bratley! We love you!
    Jim and Shea - The Geezlers

  20. Happy 50th Birthday Brad, sure hope it was a great one from Bethlehem GA

  21. Sonya Morgan7/23/09, 1:10 PM

    Happy Birthday Bradley, we love you! You're always fun to have around! I can't believe I forgot it this year!
    Knoxville, TN

  22. You should never turn you back on your sister! Happy belated birthday with hugs and kisses. Love,

  23. Happy belated 50th. It's not so bad getting into those 50+ years. Much better than the alternative!!
    I breezed right through them.
    Christine T. Maryville, TN

  24. Brad
    Happy b-day I remmber 50,50 what
    maybe I don't,So maybe it not so bad getting old,i think.

    Happy belated anyway

  25. Happpy Birthday Brad from your sister's friends in Decatur via BERMUDA.

  26. Rick Luttrell7/23/09, 2:18 PM

    Hey Bradley;
    Happy 50th, I didn't realize you were getting this old! On the bright side in 5 more years you can join me on the senior tees. Is Tammy looking to trade for a newer model like Cathy is? I hope you have 50 more birthdays you've been a good friend over the years.

  27. Happy Birthday Daddy! I must say, your sister is determined to make up for that whole forgetting thing, but I'm still curious as to how she is going to make up for stranding us on that island. Love ya, Heather.

  28. Well, Ill be honest, I am still debating on whether or not I should wish u a happy birthday on this blog… after all, I did call u 3 times on your birthday, and I just got sent strait to voicemail. So I bet you won’t even read mine.

    I know, I just won’t tell you exactly who this is… then u will read it... that’s it!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! From your favorite son!!!
    Love you!

  29. happy 50 birthday brad kenneth cate hsi

  30. First Sergeant7/23/09, 4:03 PM

    Semper Fi Brad.

  31. Happy Birthday Brad!
    Love your youngest daughter,

  32. Happy Birthday from Gary's Daughter. Hope it was a great one! Just think...you are ONLY half way to 100! You got a long ways to go my friend. Take care

  33. Happy Birtday, Bradley! I'm late to the party but that's pretty normal for me.

    I just love your sister. She's so great about featuring only the very best things in the world - like YOU in that rockin' leather jacket. Wow. I wouldn't know you weren't still in highschool. You look so relaxed and comfortable in it. Wish I could wear something like that and pull it off so well.

    I'm in Fresno, CA area if you ever get out this way and need the jaws of life to get you outta that thing. I'm here to encourage you and help. Hope you're still celebrating!

  34. Happy Tappy Birthday Bradley
    ... all the way from the shores of Lake Lanier in beautiful Flowery Branch, Georgia!

  35. David Harrell7/25/09, 9:57 AM

    Hi, Bradley, A very happy belated Birthday to you! The big 50! That was the toughest one for me.
    I wish you many many more.

  36. Just wanted to wish Bratley a very happy late birthday!! Cool leather jacket too!

  37. HAPPY BELATED 50th BRAD!!!!!!!
    In the words of one of Eldena's relatives " Lord god Brad, you look good old!" :-)
    Dee Dee

  38. Happy, Happy Birthday, Uncle Brad!!! It really upsets my that you're 50, because that means I'm............................... still younger than you. Ha ha ha! You thought I was actually going to post my age on here???? Heck NO! I can't face it. Let's focus back on you.

    Love you so very much!
    Niecey Jill

  39. Les Merry-West (UK)7/27/09, 7:55 PM

    Happy Birthday Susan's bro enjoy whats left of the day 50 is a good age so enjoy it the next biggy is 60

  40. Happy 50th Birthday from Madison, WI! You've got a pretty awesome big sister and you should probably let her off the hook. Especially since you look so dashing in a ruffled shirt and bow tie... ;) Hope it's a good one even though the festivities are a tad late.

  41. Happy birthday susan's bro if you can remember your 50th when your 60 then your 50th can't have been all that good come to think of it if you can remember yesterday tomorrow you did not have enough to drink.