Jun 10, 2009


I was looking through the 1,496 photos I took last weekend (okay, I'm exaggerating but not by much) and this one caught my eye.

I took it early one morning when I was sitting in the cockpit sipping coffee and soaking up the tranquility that comes early in the day before the lake came alive with activity. Who wouldn't want to wake up to see a sunrise like that?

Unless you are more into sunsets, in which case you'd see this:

I took that one while I was sitting in the cockpit sipping a glass of wine, grooving on the tranquity that comes late in the day when most boats are back in their slips and things settle down to a peaceful, slow pace. You can smell the delicious aroma of distant charcoal grills and hear the soft sounds of far away laughter and easy conversations as they come floating across the water.

It's addicting, this boating thing.


  1. OHHHHHH nice shots. Just gorgeous. Don't you just love this time of year???

  2. Luscious shots. Thanks for sharing. Mmmmmmm.

  3. wow! beautiful photos, very sweet love story! kinda makes me think I need a boat...hmmmm

  4. Hey Bradley,
    This is your sister Lisa C. I hope you had a great 50th. You are the best.