Dec 9, 2008

Alive in Tucker

Our Thanksgiving turkey arriving by golf cart

This is going to be a quick posting because I have precisely one hour to get myself showered, dressed and packed to go because Morley and I are going here for a couple of days courtesy of one of the firm's vendors. It's a free two day getaway at a luxury resort dressed up as a three hour seminar and these things are always a lot of fun. And can I just mention that one of the things I'm personally looking forward to the most is while Morley is sitting through his seminar I'll be catching up on my sleep.

But just so you know I'm still alive (despite the evidence to the contrary this last week or two) I've slapped up a few photos from Thanksgiving and the Christmas party we gave the weekend after. You'll find them on the website and I swear I'll add more later this week.

Gotta jet. More soon, promise.

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